Saturday, March 23, 2013

Say Hello to LXLE

LXLE stands for: Lubuntu Extra Life Extension.

LXLE is based on Lubuntu 12.04 with many added features. Although Lubuntu 12.04 is not officially an LTS release, it is based of the same LTS Ubuntu source code, making it the first defacto Lubuntu LTS release in history. LXLE has been remastered to try to remain as light as possible while providing an incredibly rich environment of programs, features and aesthetics. Unique to LXLE is the addition of Random Wallpaper, Fast Forecast, and an "Aero Snap" like feature, making managing multiple windows much easier. LXLE is not only full featured but also an absolutely gorgeous version of Lubuntu, complete with the beautiful greybird theme, stunning wallpapers, menu and window shadows and simplistically elegant monitor provided by conky.

 Yes, I do hear you. Why LXLE has been created?
To answer your question, please read this.

There is a Facebook Page I have created for this project - Please see the page here.

I'm a big, no, I'm a HUGE fan of this project. I'm supporting it with my full speed power :D
Simply because:

  1. It is based on Lubuntu and anything is based on Lubuntu, I won't stay quiet :D
  2. It is spreading the word of Lubuntu so there is absolutely no reason that could stop me to help out.
  3. It provides an LTS version of Lubuntu to our users by different flavor (default applications, themes, etc).

Please note:
The current version is BETA. The creator of the project is working on the first final version and that should be available soon - perhaps 1 week or a bit more.

LXLE as it is mentioned here clearly on the right side of the page, is using the same resources of Lubuntu (Forums, Wiki, etc).

You need to understand one thing
LXLE is an extension to Lubuntu. It is NOT an entirely different system. Having different wallpapers, default applications and theme doesn't mean different new system. Not the same as Lubuntu either. It's an Extra Life Extension.

By the way, there is too much of argument, discussion, debate, call it whatever you like ... about "I don't like this system because it does not have that theme" OR "I can't use this distribution because it doesn't have this application" OR ... stuff like that.

Well, give me a break, please ... will ya?

Long story short, as long as you are using Linux and as long as this is an Ubuntu based system, you can do 'whatever' you want, period.
Having that said, as long as there is Terminal, there is Synaptic or any other Software Center, you can add/remove the package/app you desire and want. Theme? wallpapers? applications? File Managers? Window Managers? trust me, you can do whatever you want. One reason why most of users are using Ubuntu is exactly for this reason - so easy and so customizable.

Yes, there is NO PERFECT OS - we all know about it ... AND ... there is NO System better than other system (this is something purely up to the user to decide what is best for him/her) ... BUT ... be sure that as long as you are using Lubuntu/LXLE, you can go further than what you think. In fact, let me put that correctly. As long as you are using a system 'based on UBUNTU', you can go further than what you really think :D

So please, don't waste your time to think "Hey, I use Xubuntu because ..." OR "well, Lubuntu doesn't have ... so ..." and stuff like that.
Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, etc ... ALL share the same core system and the same repositories, period. 

So, worry not :D

Thanks for reading! 

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