Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mini Lubuntu (MLubuntu)

Hello everyone who is reading my blog :)

For a year or so, I had an idea of having a new flavor for Lubuntu which is much lighter and mini. The idea is very simple:

You can download and install the base system of Ubuntu. It is the minmal of Ubuntu:

There is a package for a minimal Lubuntu Desktop which has only the basic of Lubuntu like PCManFM and few other packages.

So, this new flavor will be:

Ubuntu Mini + Lubuntu Desktop Mini = New Flavor for Lubuntu (MLubuntu - Mini Lubuntu).

This should be for average/advanced users who want to build their system by themselves by adding whatever they want to add themselves.
This won't be useful for new users.

That is the whole idea and yes, I have done it before here. The result is lighter system :D

TOO BAD that I'm not a developer and not even close. I'm good in thinking but bad in coding. I'm looking for someone who can actually do this :)

After all, you can do whatever you want once you install it by LXTerminal and the amazing command: sudo apt-get install OR by using the other best choice, Synaptic.

Contact me please if you are interested :)
You can find all my contact on "About Me" Tab :)

Thank you!

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  1. if YOU build it, they will come. Good luck dude.

    1. Thanks for posting :)
      Actually, you have two choices. Either to create a new flavor or just do it yourself. It is very very easy.
      As for now, our main focus is releasing Lubuntu 13.04 and after that, we can carry on with our plans and stuff. Since this is my personal blog not an official Lubuntu blog, I use it to write my ideas and thoughts and because I always love to share everything with the great and lovely community of Lubuntu, I post the link here or there :)

      I'm not a developer and not even close and I'm so busy with Lubuntu to the point I don't have time to eat sometimes.

      Thank you again for reading :)

  2. when will be ISO for MLubuntu?