Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Minimal Ubuntu Project (AKA Mubuntu)

Please, check "More about this project" Section

Join Us!
While the name is not yet decided to be the final name of this project, the idea remains as it is and I am glad to announce that today, I have found someone very interested to join and team up with me in order too work on this project :)

Nio (AKA sudodus on Ubuntu Forums), the founder of One Button Installer (OBI) has showed a great interest to join and team up for this project.

I'd like to invite everyone who might be interested to join us and start the ball rolling :)

More about this project:
Recently, we had a nice brainstorming session on my Google+ Community and so far, there are two options/opinions:
A- Use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS as the base for this project
B- Use Ubuntu 13.10 (or 14.04 which is still on the early stages) as the base of this project.

However, everyone needs to know the main focus on this project and the main target - will explain that soon.

Also, there is an option to have a build on Debian because Debian is 'still' supporting i486 while Ubuntu does not. What does that mean? it means hardware with NON-PAE CPU will work out-of-the box if this project will be based on Debian.

What is the main focus on this project?
The main focus of this project OR the reasons behind creating such system:
  1. Create a super minimal lightweight system for old machines.
  2. Create a super easy and simple system that just work.
  3. A system for those who don't mind building their own system from a base system with very few packages.
These are the 'major' reasons.

Because of that, this system must have very few packages/applications:
  1. Terminal
  2. File Manager
  3. Browser
  4. Synaptic (optional)
  5. Super lightweight DE/WM

I do hope these information will answer some of your Qs in mind :) please do ask if you are in doubt and I might update this post with more information if required.

Important Tasks to be done:
  1. Choose a name for this project - the current name needs to be changed.
  2. Decide what DE/WM we will use - some votes so far are going for Openbox but we are still brainstorming :)
  3. Decide how many builds do we have to make and based on what system?
  4. Recruit more contributors


Thursday, December 05, 2013

Lubuntu without Ali/amjjawad

From [25-8-2011] to [5-12-2013], a very long journey with Lubuntu which I'd lie if I tell you that I can summarize what happened during all that time in few words. It is history. NONE STOP 24/7/365 and yes, I was addicted and loving it. However, it is time to stop, move forward and seek different challenge.

The last email has been sent :)

All what I managed to summarize was on this Wiki Page which is a list of what I have done for Lubuntu.

I am out of words at the moment. You see, these are not just two years and few months, to me, it was a life time and feel like 10 years. Trust me when I tell you that I really can't list what happened over here ... simply because A LOT had happened. Both Good and Bad moments. Happy and Sad. Positive and Negative. Up and Down. It is a Life Time, It is History Now :)

Thank you to each and everyone who had come across my way. I have gained so many good friends. Thank you everyone and I mean everyone who was and still involved with Lubuntu.

I do wish you a very good luck and all the best :)

Will never turn my back on you so whenever you need me, please do contact me :)

Sad but true, Lubuntu is without Ali/amjjawad.

Good Luck, Lubuntu!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lubuntu Q&A Session - Ep1


Starting from today, I am going to broadcast and record Live Lubuntu Q&A Session and this is Ep1 :)

Special thanks for Nio for taking the time to attend, support this idea and sharing all these great information :)

Thank you for watching and if you are interested, let me know :)


Monday, November 11, 2013

Too Much is Too Bad

Today, is a very sad day in my life.

I have lost a very good and true friend. She passed away after a long struggle with illness and I still can't believe it. It is hard to find good people with pure heart and wise too. I am speechless.

Also, I have had enough from banging/hitting my head against the wall for more than two years. Since August, 2011 and until date, I have done MORE than I could for Lubuntu Community but it seems whatever I am doing is going no where but to a dead end. Yes, there are progress at some points and there are many achievements but apparently, I have managed lots of things except moving moutians. Therefore, I sent this email.

A good friend from Lubuntu Community told me that no matter how hard I try, I can't move the mountains and I am NOT suppose to do that anyway. He said, that I must believe in "Dead Ends" but I refused to listen and decided to carry on. Few days later, I came to truly understand what was he talking about and I realized, that no matter how much you want to do something and how hard you try, there are something in this world that unchangeable and there is nothing can be done.

However, the good news is, as I always try to do, I am trying to use this negative energy and turn it to a positive one and moral of this story and lessons learned from this is:

  1. Good People with Pure Soul and White Heart will Never Ever Die, simply because, they live in our hearts and mind. To my very good and true friend, Lucia, may she rests in peace.
  2. Too Much is Too bad. 
  3. I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that didn't work. - Thomas A. Edison
  4. “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” - Rumi.

I think despite what happened today is sad and what could have happened and considered happy, regardless of all that, this is all called Life and life must go on.

C'est la vie!

 And, I shall never give up nor surrender, I shall just move forward on different direction and you my good friend, you just rest in peace and leave me to deal with this crazy world :)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ubiquity and Installing Ubuntu (and its official flavours)


One of the things I really love about Linux (Ubuntu) Communities is that one Question or Problem could become a Community Debate/discussion where many get involved and start brainstorming, discussing, agree or disagree, share thoughts and ideas, etc. That is, for sure, one of the strong feature of Linux and Ubuntu specifically.

Having that said, today, a Hot Discussion has started over the Mailing List because of this Thread on Ubuntu Forums.

While there is NO DOUBT the User has done a serious mistake by NOT backing up his/her Important Date 'BEFORE' installing Ubuntu, there is NO WAY to blame the system since each and every Operating System in the world will only accept commands from the user and if the user will assume that the system will 'actually think' and 'read' the user's mind, this is the user's fault. The whole thing could have been avoided by doing a simple backup, that is all :)

It did not stop right there, the discussion went to another direction or point which is:

See this Email.

If truth to be told, I am sick (having bad flu) and my concentration is not at its best, obviously. After sometime, I realized the issue reported on Ubuntu Forum has nothing to do with the Email in a way. Why?

Because the mistake that the user did was simply failing to 'READ' carefully on this slide:

And, to anyone who can read, it can NOT be more clear and obvious as the warning is quite clear and readable.

While the Email is talking about this slide:

Now, if someone has failed to 'read' what was written on the first slide, I could expect nothing but he/she will have hard time with the second slide (Partitioning Slide).

What I personally think is:
ANY User who is willing to install Ubuntu or any of its official flavours, he/she MUST be aware of:

1- Backing Up his/her important Data before even downloading the ISO

2- READ/WATCH a HOWTO Install the system so that he/she will understand what exactly to be done, specially, if he/she is a newcomer to Linux/Ubuntu.

HOW TO Solve this?
The solution is very, VERY easy and simple:

1- Mention this Note:

"Please, make sure to backup your files and important data before anything else. Do not assume that Ubuntu GNOME will do it for you automatically."

2- Create a YouTube Video and add the link as shown above.

BOTH the note and the video MUST be added to the Download Page either on the Website OR the Wiki Page.

That is all.

IMHO, there is absolutely NO NEED to do ANYTHING else extra. I don't see any thing wrong with Ubiquity.

Anything to be added will cost time and efforts. Time to discuss, time to start working and and etc. It might be trivial and so easy step to be done by an Ubuntu Developers but the time to do it + the time to discuss whether to do it or not + the time to discuss WHAT exactly to be done = WASTE OF TIME!

Instead, leaving a simple note "Backup your data before you download" and to go the extra miles, create a video that explains how to install Ubuntu with all the possible options and upload it to YouTube and JUST include the link on the Website and/or the Wiki Page ... all that, IMHO could save time and efforts and has another benefit:

Those who are so scared to install Linux will NO longer be scared whenever they will 'WATCH' and 'SEE' and 'LEARN' how to install the system. Once they do, they will realize how easy it is and will fear no more :)

That is what I think :)


Wednesday, October 16, 2013


في ابريل,2013 اطلق علي لينكس, أحد اكثر اعضاء فريق لوبنتو Lubuntu نشاطا (و حاليا قد انضم لمشاريع اخرى و اكثر من فريق اخر), مشروعه الذي يحمل عنوان

الفكرة ببساطة من وراء هذه المبادرة هو ان نسخة الويندوز اكس بي (Windows XP) الشهيرة من شركة مايكروسوف (Microsoft) و التي تم طرحها قبل 12 سنة و تحديدا في 2001 سوف تنتهي صلاحيتها بتاريخ ابريل 2014 حيث ان الشركة الكبيرة مايكروسوفت سوف توقف اي تحديث على نسخة ال اكس بي و بالتالي تصبح خطرة جدا و عرضة لاي اختراق او فايروس.

وبطبيعة الحال و كما جرت العادة فأن مايكروسوفت قد بدأت فعلا للتحضير لهذا اليوم و عوضا عن تقديم هدية بسيطة للولاء المطلق الذي دام 12 سنة من قبل مستخدمين ويندوز اكس بي قامت الشركة بتوفير خيارين فقط ﻻ ثالث لهما:
1- شراء كومبيوتر جديد يدعم ويندوز 7 او 8
2- عمل ترقية للنسخة من اكس بي الى ويندوز 7 او 8

و بكلتا الحالتين ف المستخدم سوف "يدفع" مبلغ و قدره ... دولار لقاء هذه الخدمات العظمية من الشركة :)

باختصار مشروع StartUbuntu يضع النقاط على الحروف و ينشر ثقافة المصادر المفتوحة و يخبر العالم من شرق الارض لغربها ان لينكس Linux هو الخيار الامثل لاي جهاز يوجد عليه نسخة اكس بي و خصوصا الاجهزة القديمة التي لن تتحمل التعامل مع ويندوز 7 او ويندوز 8. كما هو معروف فان بالاضافة لكون لينكس لن يكلف شي يذكر فانه اسرع و اكثر امان و استقرار و ﻻ يحتاج من ينصب هذا النظام لعمل  Format او اعادة تنصيب الخ ف نظام اللينكس يختلف كليا عن الويندوز.

لقد اخترت من بين جميع توزيعات لينكس نظام ال Ubuntu و الذي هو من اشهر و اسهل توزيعات اللينكس حاليا و من بين جميع النكهات او انواع الاوبنتو اخترت اللوبنتو Lubuntu ليكون الخيار الامثل ان لم يكن الاوحد لاستبدال النظام الذي ضل 12 سنة يعمل و يسبب الكثير من المتاعب بالرغم و الحق يقال ان ويندوز اكس بي يفضله المستخدمين على ويندوز 7 او 8 و الدليل انه ﻻ يزال يستخدم و بكثرة خصوصا بالوطن العربي و حتى في دوائر بعض الدول او البنوك و غيرها.

و بما ان ال لوبنتو القادم 14.04 سيكون ان شاء الله نسخة طويلة الدعم او ما يعرف ب LTS - Long Term Release فانه و بكل تاكيد سيلعب ال لوبنتو دورا فاعلا و رئيسيا في هذا المشروع. 

و بالطبع فان المستخدم الذي يمتلك جهاز كومبيوتر قادر على تشغيل ال اوبنتو او Kubuntu او Ubuntu GNOME فانه ﻻ يوجد هناك سبب يمنع من استخدام اي من هذه الانظمة او التوزيعات المعروف عنها انها تحتاج لجهاز ذو ذاكرة و معالج قوي نوعا ما CPU and RAM و ﻻ يشترط ابدا ان يكون الكومبيوتر جديدا - كما تحاول مايكروسوفت تصوير الموضوع بنصيحة المستخدمين بشراء اجهزة جديدة و حديثة. طالما ان الجهاز الحالي يعمل حتى لو كان قديما ف ﻻ يوجد سبب وجيه لرميه او التخلص منه.

مبادرة المشروع هذا ليس فقط من شانها مساعدة كل المستخدمين العرب فقط بل و كذلك الحكومات و جميع مؤسسات الدول و البنوك و اي جهة رسمية و غير رسمية ما تزال تستعمل الويندوز اكس بي و هناك احتمال ان هذه الجهات قد ﻻ تعلم لحد الان بموضوع انتهاء صلاحية ال اكس بي و هنا تكمن اهمية مشروع StartUbuntu والذي من شانه نشر ثقافة المصادر المفتوحة و توفير البديل الذي سوف يسعد المستخدمين و يوفر ملايين و ملايين الدولارات على الدول العربية و التي هي بأمس الحاجة لكل دولار و هذه الملايين التي للاسف تصرف على الويندوز و تذهب لمايكروسوفت فالشباب العربي العاطل عن العمل و غيرهم من الشرائح المجتمعية اولى بهذه الاموال الطائله ... فما هو السبب الذي يجبرنا و نحن في 2013 على ان نستخدم الويندوز و هناك نظام اقوى و افضل و اسرع و اكثر امانه و احيانا اكثر سهولة (و غيرها من الخصائص) يدعى لينكس؟ :)

اخي العربي اتمنى ان تدعم المشورع و ان تساعدني على نشر هذه الثقافة في الوطن العربي لكي نرتقي بالمستوى و نواكب عجلة التطور و نحذوا حذو الدول الاخرى مثل اسبانيا و فرنسا و غيرها والتي بدأت فعلا و بعملية تدريجية التحول من استخدام الويندوز لاستخدام اللينكس و قد سبقتهم وكالة NASA والتي نبذت الويندوز و بدأت باستعمال برمجيات المصادر المفتوحة FOSS و التي تتمثل بال لينكس.

شكرا جزيلا للقراءة و انا منتظر دعمكم للمشروع :) 

Friday, October 04, 2013

This Blog is Back to Action with StartUbuntu Related Updates/News

After spending some time updating my forsaken blog, I guess it looks better now with new feel and look.

Now, I'd like to start to bring some life back to this blog with some news/updates regarding StartUbuntu.

What is StartUbuntu?

Oh, if you haven't heard of it yet, where are you living?

StartUbuntu is by far, my biggest project which has already seen the light. I am sorry, I should have mentioned it earlier on my blog but where is the time? I've been heavily involved with StartUbuntu and many other things (mainly building an empire called Ubuntu GNOME Team).

I have dedicated a whole new tab just for it and had to remove some old tabs.

Now, there is something interesting that I'd like to share with you here:

From Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows wins VB100 award, I'd like to quote:

"Virus Bulletin testing was conducted on a PC running Windows XP Professional SP3. Although the testing did not use the very latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, it still replicated conditions which are frequently found on home and corporate computers all over the world. Different independent experts have concluded that Windows XP retains 30-40% of the market share for operating systems. Statistics from Kaspersky Lab’s cloud service Kaspersky Security Network, used by over 60 million users around the world, support this. According to Kaspersky Security Network, as of the end of April 2013, over 30% of subscribers were using PCs running Windows XP – the vast majority of them XP Professional."

By far, this is the most interesting news, ever. Imagine then how many users are 'STILL' actually using Windows XP? and imagine, if we could reach to at least 10% of them, what could happen? and when those 10% will start using Linux/Ubuntu what could happen? and when those who started to use Linux/Ubuntu start to spread the word and invite other Windows XP Users to try/use Linux/Ubuntu, then what could happen? and imagine when more and more will spread the word and invite their friends, family and colleagues, what could happen? and when Windows 7 and Windows 8 users will start to hear about all this, what could happen?

Yes, when I say StartUbuntu a project that will change the world and end the era of Microsoft Windows, I know what I am talking about and I mean it.

Hey, be realistic? I am indeed but guess I am optimistic more and WHY NOT? I breathe Linux, of course I am optimistic :)

Share, spread the word and don't ever stop talking about StartUbuntu.
Please, make sure to use HASHTAG on all the social media:



Thursday, October 03, 2013

Clean the Mess!

It's been ages since I posted on this blog. I feel bad because I don't have time to do anything over here. I'd love to write something and publish but, really there is no time. Now, I don't like the look and feel of this blog. I need sometime to change it and make it better. 

Hopefully I can do this any time soon!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ubuntu Mini ISO installation Process with Screenshots

HOWTO Install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Using Mini ISO

This is a user friendly guide for New Users to Linux and/or Beginners. If you know this already, then you are in the wrong place :)

1- Download the Mini ISO from here.

2- Check MD5SUM for the ISO you downloaded.

3- If you are willing to install on Real Hardware, then create a LiveCD. Please, do NOT forget to BACKUP your IMPORTANT FILES before carrying on.

4- If you are willing to test that on a Virtual Machine, then you just need to mount the ISO as a LiveCD - depends on what VM you are using.

5- Boot Menu should look like the below Screenshot. Select "Install" and then Press "Enter".

6- Select the language to be used for the installation process from the below list:

7- Select your Location from the below list:

8- Select "United States - en_US.UTF-8" if there is no locale defined of language and country you have selected from the previous step.

9- Select "No" UNLESS you want to Detect your Keyboard Layout.

10- If you press "No" from the previous step, then select the Layout for your country of origin

11- Choose your favorite method for toggling between Keyboard Layouts: 

12- Enter the hostname for your system - default is "ubuntu".

13- Choose the Archive Mirror Country - better/easier to choose the mirror in your country from the list:

14. "Continue" unless you do have the HTTP Proxy Information:

15. Write your Full Name:

16- Write your Username:

17- Make sure to choose a strong password:

18- Confirm your password:

19- If you want to Encrypt your Home Directory 

20- Confirm Your Time Zone:

21- Here is the most important step. This is how to select the Partitioning Method. The easiest way, is: Guided - Use Entire Disk. Please, understand this is the best way if your HDD is empty and/or you don't need the Data stored on your HDD. You can read the instructions on the below Screenshot:

22- If you decided to do it Manually, this is the Screenshot for that. If you are not familiar with such Partitioning Method, Select "Guided Partitioning" from the list below and press "Enter". More information about Partitioning can be found here.

23- PLEASE, read the note.
To Confirm, Press "Enter".

24- If you are done, review the changes made and select "Finish Partitioning and write changes to Disk" then Press "Enter".

25- The installer now will give you a summary of the changes to your HDD. To confirm, select "Yes" and Press "Enter".

26- Choose "No Automatic Update" unless you know what you are doing.

27- This is the Second Most Important Step. On this Step, you decide what package you want to install/include in your setup. So far, ONLY the core system has been installed. If you want to build your system the way you like and add the package you want, this is a list of what you may need/use. Instructions are below:
Space to Select
Tab to Move
Enter to Activate the selection
** Jump to continue without making any selection will install nothing.

28- Another important step is to choose where to install GRUB (the boot loader). The default selection is "Yes". Please, understand if you carry on with "Yes", this will erase any boot loader current installed in your MBR. So, be careful and you should understand what you are doing - don't make a selection without knowing what is going on. More about GRUB can be found here

29- Because you have previously selected your time zone and your country where you live, select "No" and carry on.

30- You are done :)

SAME PROCESS for 12.10 and 13.04 :)

After you reboot, you will have CLI Screen if you haven't chosen any DE to install (Ubuntu Desktop, Lubuntu Desktop, Xubuntu Desktop, Kubuntu Desktop).

Type your username that you selected previously during the installation and your password to log in.

Without installing any package from the package list shown previously in step No. 27, and after installing:
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install htop

"htop" will give:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[Draft] Mubuntu - A Simple, Minimal System based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Update: For now, me and other users are discussing the project over here on facebook. Also, here on LXDE Forum. Soon, I will setup a new area most likely on Launchpad and offer a Mailing List :)


This idea has started here
Then more about it here

And here, I will explain some simple thoughts and we can discuss that later :)

  1. This system to be based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Mini ISO
  2. This is not a good option for NEW Comers to Linux because it will be a minimal system. Someone came from Windows won't find this interesting.
  3. This is for Current Linux Users.
  4. Have very few packages (File Manager, Browser, others).
  5. It should be lighter than Lubuntu
  6. DE might NOT be LXDE - I am thinking about other alternatives.

What to do?
  • Will update this with more details
  • I think I will create a Wiki Page for this

Lubuntu without amjjawad

Very sad but true. I have officially resigned from Lubuntu Team on 7th of July, 2013. 

It was about time to take such painful, hard and tough decision. It wasn't easy at all. But, life must go on and one should never give up nor surrender.

For two years, full of hard work for very long hours (12 hrs  - 16 hrs daily), achieved a lot and done so many things ... this has come to the end of Lubuntu's Page but that is not the end of my journey, that was just the beginning :)

Full History is here 

Now, I'm thinking about one of more of these options.

I will keep you posted :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

zRAM Testing Reports

Starting from Saucy (Lubuntu 13.10), some changes to the system had been decided - See this.

One of these changes, which IMHO, was the best change ever, is the inclusion of zRAM by default.

We have agreed, as members of Lubuntu, to carry on with some tests and here are my reports:

Monday, June 03, 2013

Mini-Lubuntu - Part 2


30/3/2013, I have written about the Mini Version of Lubuntu here.

I have sent this Email to Lubuntu Mailing List:

---------- Forwarded message ----------From: Ali Linx (amjjawad) <amjjawad@gmail.com>Date: Sun, Jun 2, 2013 at 9:54 PMSubject: [Suggestion] Having another version for Lubuntu (Mini Lubuntu)To: lubuntu user list <lubuntu-users@lists.ubuntu.com>, "lubuntu-qa@lists.launchpad.net" <lubuntu-qa@lists.launchpad.net>

This is just a suggestion so don't shoot the messenger :)
I'm aware that Lubuntu has already so many ISOs, more than any other Ubuntu Flavor: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing/Why_So_Many_ISOs
I understand what I'm suggesting here can be easily done: http://amjjawad.blogspot.com/2013/03/mini-lubuntu-mlubuntu.html
For the minimal desktop installation use:sudo -iapt-get install --no-install-recommends lubuntu-desktopapt-get dist-upgradeapt-get autocleanrm /var/cache/apt/archives/*.debreboot
However, what I'm suggesting here is:To have that option ready for those who seek such setup.
I have sent about this in 30-March-2013 but someone was mad because the timing was bad :DNow, since we are still at the Alpha1 stage, I hope my suggestion comes in a good time :)
HOW HARD is it to have this as a new ISO where someone can download and install?MUCH less stuff to look after and much less ISO Size, etc.
My suggestion is inspired from: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" 
I know that Lance loves this setup. I would love to have it too. I know for sure that both myself and Lance are very much capable of doing that ourselves and we do not need a new ISO/Spin/Version/Whatever you call it for that. But, I always keep other beginners users in mind who may find this a bit hard to achieve manually and they do need that badly for their very old machine.
We also can remove the Artwork Stuff and go very, really very basic. This version will be much lighter than the standard Lubuntu.
No, not yet. I have not done it yet. I will if some people are interested in this idea. I mean, I can install the Ubuntu Mini and then install Lubuntu Core or Minimum Desktop. 
Oh, I forgot, I actually done it already before: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1590614&page=16&p=11832431#post11832431
--Best Regards,amjjawadStart Ubuntu
Test Machine: ASUS F3F Laptop - Intel Core Duo T2350 @ 1.86GHz with 489MB RAM

 I have promised to do a test so I have done it on an Oracle VM version 4.2.12:

1- I have installed Ubuntu 13.04 Mini ISO from here.

2- MD5SUM Checked.

3- I copied the ISO to an USB Drive

4- Added a Virtual CD Drive to my Virtual Machine and point to the ISO so that the VM can boot from that Virtual Drive as a LiveCD - Thanks a lot to Jonathan Marsden who explained to me how to do that.

5- Installed the Mini ISO and everything went smoothly, except of course it takes longer time to install.

6- Before the end of the installation process, in order to achieve Lubuntu Minimum Installation or Lubuntu Core installation, I had to do this:

a- Space to Select "Lubuntu Minimal Installation" - See this.
b- Tab
c- Enter to "Continue"

7- After that, this is what I got:

8- RAM Usage as per GNOME System Monitor:

And both "top" and "free" show:

I'm so sorry, don't have much time right now to find a way to clear the cache and buffers?!

By the way, there is no Browser at all. As long as there is a terminal, you can install whatever you like.

So, that is all about my test so far.

What I suggested in my email is to have this as an out-of-the-box option for our users.

This can be done either by:

  • Having a new ISO
  • Having an option/a slide on the installer where the user can select what exactly to install (either the full system or the core system for Lubuntu)
  • Mention clearly in our Wiki Area how to do that GUI wise.
I still think this is a helpful option to have and I'm sure they are some users who will like this option. 

I may agree with others about the extra work this will add, no doubt about it. However, I think, IMHO, it is worthy to try it.

I'm ready to collect more data (poll/surveys) asking our users whether they prefer this extra option or not?

I see no harm except the extra work. I'm not a developer so not sure how hard that would be? and I guess the best way is to have this as an option which the user can choose during the installation.