Thursday, December 05, 2013

Lubuntu without Ali/amjjawad

From [25-8-2011] to [5-12-2013], a very long journey with Lubuntu which I'd lie if I tell you that I can summarize what happened during all that time in few words. It is history. NONE STOP 24/7/365 and yes, I was addicted and loving it. However, it is time to stop, move forward and seek different challenge.

The last email has been sent :)

All what I managed to summarize was on this Wiki Page which is a list of what I have done for Lubuntu.

I am out of words at the moment. You see, these are not just two years and few months, to me, it was a life time and feel like 10 years. Trust me when I tell you that I really can't list what happened over here ... simply because A LOT had happened. Both Good and Bad moments. Happy and Sad. Positive and Negative. Up and Down. It is a Life Time, It is History Now :)

Thank you to each and everyone who had come across my way. I have gained so many good friends. Thank you everyone and I mean everyone who was and still involved with Lubuntu.

I do wish you a very good luck and all the best :)

Will never turn my back on you so whenever you need me, please do contact me :)

Sad but true, Lubuntu is without Ali/amjjawad.

Good Luck, Lubuntu!

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