Sunday, March 02, 2014

StartUbuntu - HOWTO Choose a system based on your hardware?


Well, Hello March :)
We're 36 days away ... tick-tack ... tick-tack ... Microsoft Windows XP will be dead!

To put that correctly in a more technical sentence, Microsoft Windows XP will very soon (after 36 days) reaches its End Of Life (EOL) and will no longer be supported.

What does this mean?
The answer is right here from Microsoft.

StartUbuntu  would like to make your life easier. So, here is a very quick and easy guide that should help you to choose the right system for your machine 'according to your hardware'.

As everyone may know, StartUbuntu as for now, promotes only for Ubuntu and its official variants.

"Oh really? so when StartUbuntu will possibly promote for other systems? I'm not a fan of Ubuntu?"

Basically, StartUbuntu did not yet reached to this phase. That is why, it is too early and above all, giving a newcomer to Linux so many options is the worst advice in Computers History.

So where is that guide?
It is right here ;)

Technical Note:
Unlike Microsoft Windows, Linux is very well-known of its capability to run on old machines with very limited resources (CPU, RAM and HDD). That said, Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Ubuntu GNOME can indeed be installed and work on a machine with only 1GB RAM. However, 'the performance' of your system will definitely not be as same as running Xubuntu and/or Lubuntu :) so, to play it safe, I have decided to put Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Ubuntu GNOME under '2GB RAM and more' for the 'best performance' ;)

Links please?

Where are the other options?
If you're Chinese then: Ubuntu Kylin

If you're a student, then: Edubuntu

If you're interested about Multimedia, then: Ubuntu Studio

And, finally: Mythbuntu

Full List is here.

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