Saturday, March 30, 2013

To be or not to be?

The endless questions :)

Is Lubuntu 12.04 an LTS or not?
Why it is not an LTS?
Will Lubuntu 14.04 be an LTS?

Have a read here
Well, my dear friends on Ubuntu Forums have removed my post because ... I don't know. So, I must re-write the whole thing again. Give me sometime :)

Well, instead of re-writing the whole thing, I decided to go visual and create a simple chart using Inkscape that would explain what I'm trying to re-write. I believe a picture can speak louder than 1000 words :)

On a side note, please be advised that Lubuntu 12.04 is using a NON-PAE Kernel - See this.


If that is still not clear, please do let me know and I'll be very glad to explain further :)

Coming Soon!

Soon hopefully, you will read about my biggest project ever. This will be a huge project for Lubuntu and I will publish the details soon so be ready.

I've been waiting for this moment since a long time and it came to us without we even bother to look for it. I just love that :D

Nothing is a secret or something but I'd like to be 100% up and running to write about this huge project. I'm having some problems lately - my tooth is killing me so can't focus 100% on anything else but the pain.

So, be ready, you will love it ;)


Mini Lubuntu (MLubuntu)

Hello everyone who is reading my blog :)

For a year or so, I had an idea of having a new flavor for Lubuntu which is much lighter and mini. The idea is very simple:

You can download and install the base system of Ubuntu. It is the minmal of Ubuntu:

There is a package for a minimal Lubuntu Desktop which has only the basic of Lubuntu like PCManFM and few other packages.

So, this new flavor will be:

Ubuntu Mini + Lubuntu Desktop Mini = New Flavor for Lubuntu (MLubuntu - Mini Lubuntu).

This should be for average/advanced users who want to build their system by themselves by adding whatever they want to add themselves.
This won't be useful for new users.

That is the whole idea and yes, I have done it before here. The result is lighter system :D

TOO BAD that I'm not a developer and not even close. I'm good in thinking but bad in coding. I'm looking for someone who can actually do this :)

After all, you can do whatever you want once you install it by LXTerminal and the amazing command: sudo apt-get install OR by using the other best choice, Synaptic.

Contact me please if you are interested :)
You can find all my contact on "About Me" Tab :)

Thank you!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Too much is too bad - Part 1

Before I roll up my sleeves and type with the lightening full speed, there is something I'd like to mention here. What I'm going to write about on this post is not an exception for myself and big YES, I was there too but I managed to get over it and carry on. It happened to all of us :D

Okay, phew, now I can start typing fast :D

Not sure where should I start from? but as always, long story short and no need to more introductions.

Since I have started to use Linux until now (guess that is 3 years now), almost everyday, I see the same "Obsession" about specific points like:

  • How much RAM does my system use?
  • Why my system is using 1GB RAM from my 4GB RAM?
  • Why this feature is not included by default?
  • I can't use this distribution because it doesn't have VLC by default!
  • Which is better? System 1 or System 2?
and so on...

Trust me, I've been there. There is NOTHING WRONG with this :) I'm just trying to highlight these FAQs and trying to discuss that loudly with you and also trying to find a work around so we can enjoy and learn instead of asking and waiting for answers.

First thing first, there is a golden basic rule I can't resist to not write it here :D

Rule 1 - Linux is NOT Windows as you all know and therefore, we should NOT think and/or deal with Linux the same way we think and/or deal with Windows :)

I have set that basic rule with myself and decided to follow it each and every day until it became my default way of dealing with Linux on daily basis with myself and everyone else.

Now, what exactly we are suppose to do then?
As the title of this post says: "Too Much is Too Bad." and when there is too much, there is obsession.

IMHO, one needs to enjoy and have fun, needs to learn and keep learning more and more, needs to discover and search, needs to fix and solve, etc. I find that much more better than leaving all that behind or let's say, focus on something and leave the rest.

I will discuss few examples so you can see my point :)

Example 1
I find lots of users who are worried too much about their RAM usage and keep monitoring that. RELAX, take a deep breath and enjoy ;)
I have learned yet another golden rule from Arch Wiki Pages:

Rule 2 - Unused RAM Is Wasted RAM

Having that said, as long as you have enough RAM installed on your machine, please, do not freak out and keep monitoring it using different tools to do so (Conky, gnome-system-monitor, Task Manager, etc). 

So when I do need to worry about that?
Yes, that is a great question indeed.
You do need to worry when your system starts to be slower and/or not responding. 
Trust me, I have done so many tests and I managed to produce almost all kind of system statuses like: Slow System, Not Responding, Halted, etc.

If your system have 512MB RAM and you are using say Lubuntu 12.04 and suddenly you noticed the overall performance is getting lower, then big YES, you do need to check what is going on. In fact, if you know very well your hardware and what your machine is capable of, you can even prevent that to happen. How? simply, by using the lightweight applications which will work well on your low resource system. Also, having two browsers like Chromium and Firefox with some opened tabs, that will definitely make your system slower and not even slower, but not responding at some points. 

Sometimes, you feel there is so much heat or the fan starting to make so much noise, specially with Laptops. YES again, you do need to check what is going on by using Conky for example, Jupiter and so many other tools which can help you to monitor your system and in this case, you need to look at your CPU Temperature. 

Example 2
Some users are changing their distributions (downloading new one, create LiveCD/LiveUSB, install, etc) just because one, two or more features are not included by default on the current system which they use. And YES, I'm not exaggerating at all :D

Again, back to Rule 1, we need to think differently whenever we use Linux.

If you are using Linux
If that system meets most your needs
If you like the system but 
If the repositories of that system have all what you need
If you are few clicks or commands away from having what you really want

Then, there is absolutely no need to go and find another system :)

- if you are using an Ubuntu Based system then:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install <packagename>

Or, of course, Synaptic 

And as you can see, it is really easy to have whatever you need and want without going the hard way :)

Example 3
Rule 3 - No OS Is Perfect 

Having that said, it is better not to have extra headache and compare between system 1 and system 2.

  1. What is better? Linux or Windows or Mac OS X?
  2. What is better? Ubuntu or Arch?
  3. What is better? Lubuntu or Xubuntu?
and so on ...

Each system has its ups and downs. 
Each system has its unique features.

Trust me, there wouldn't be 321 Active different systems out there unless each one of those have different feature(s) than the others.

So again, enjoy and relax and ...

Rule 4- Ues The System That Meets Your Own Needs And You Like

And that is all for now and today :)

Hope that was helpful!

Thank you for reading :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dear Microsoft :)

From Microsoft

Dear User,

The whole point is: 

"If your current PC meets the system requirements for Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can buy Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8 Pro from a local retailer or Microsoft Certified Partner. If your PC does not meet system requirements, consider purchasing a new business PC with Windows 8 Pro."

More information? please click this link:

My Reply is:
Dear Microsoft,

Thank you indeed for one of the best systems that you managed to have for years, that is Windows XP. Your best creation is about to reach to the End Of Life soon. This is really bad only for XP Users while it is really good for you because as you dear Microsoft has explained clearly in the above statement, you are going to earn more money.

However, I'm afraid to tell you something you may forgot by mistake :)

First thing first, you need to be HONEST with your loyal and faithful users who have been using XP for more than 10 years now. I'm so disappointed as a former XP user that you didn't tell us about other options. YES, there is another option but you are too greedy to admit it and too bad for not saying it.

Second of all, thanks to the internet, there are lots of links which if some of your users will do a simple search, they will find other alternatives. Hello? this is 2013 ;)

Third of all, may I be so honest and direct with you? 
I'm pleased to inform you that you may be able to fool some of XP Users and make them either pay for Windows 7 or Windows 8 if their machines can handle that OR as you stated, buy a new machine BUT you can't really fool them ALL.

Forth of all, I will be extra honest and tell you this in the face.
I'm one of those who will go public and reach to some of those XP Users and offer them a new system, made in 2013 that is way faster, safer, stable, rock solid, great, amazing, etc .. System which will breath new life into these machines and OH, I must say this ... GUESS WHAT? IT IS FREE, my dear Microsoft. YES, free. They need to pay NOTHING to get that.

Thank you so much dear Microsoft for reading :)

Your former faithful XP User who you tried to fool back in the days but you failed, Ali Linx (AKA amjjawad

-- If you do support this, share it on Facebook, Google+, wherever you want ;)

Thanks a lot for reading :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Say Hello to LXLE

LXLE stands for: Lubuntu Extra Life Extension.

LXLE is based on Lubuntu 12.04 with many added features. Although Lubuntu 12.04 is not officially an LTS release, it is based of the same LTS Ubuntu source code, making it the first defacto Lubuntu LTS release in history. LXLE has been remastered to try to remain as light as possible while providing an incredibly rich environment of programs, features and aesthetics. Unique to LXLE is the addition of Random Wallpaper, Fast Forecast, and an "Aero Snap" like feature, making managing multiple windows much easier. LXLE is not only full featured but also an absolutely gorgeous version of Lubuntu, complete with the beautiful greybird theme, stunning wallpapers, menu and window shadows and simplistically elegant monitor provided by conky.

 Yes, I do hear you. Why LXLE has been created?
To answer your question, please read this.

There is a Facebook Page I have created for this project - Please see the page here.

I'm a big, no, I'm a HUGE fan of this project. I'm supporting it with my full speed power :D
Simply because:

  1. It is based on Lubuntu and anything is based on Lubuntu, I won't stay quiet :D
  2. It is spreading the word of Lubuntu so there is absolutely no reason that could stop me to help out.
  3. It provides an LTS version of Lubuntu to our users by different flavor (default applications, themes, etc).

Please note:
The current version is BETA. The creator of the project is working on the first final version and that should be available soon - perhaps 1 week or a bit more.

LXLE as it is mentioned here clearly on the right side of the page, is using the same resources of Lubuntu (Forums, Wiki, etc).

You need to understand one thing
LXLE is an extension to Lubuntu. It is NOT an entirely different system. Having different wallpapers, default applications and theme doesn't mean different new system. Not the same as Lubuntu either. It's an Extra Life Extension.

By the way, there is too much of argument, discussion, debate, call it whatever you like ... about "I don't like this system because it does not have that theme" OR "I can't use this distribution because it doesn't have this application" OR ... stuff like that.

Well, give me a break, please ... will ya?

Long story short, as long as you are using Linux and as long as this is an Ubuntu based system, you can do 'whatever' you want, period.
Having that said, as long as there is Terminal, there is Synaptic or any other Software Center, you can add/remove the package/app you desire and want. Theme? wallpapers? applications? File Managers? Window Managers? trust me, you can do whatever you want. One reason why most of users are using Ubuntu is exactly for this reason - so easy and so customizable.

Yes, there is NO PERFECT OS - we all know about it ... AND ... there is NO System better than other system (this is something purely up to the user to decide what is best for him/her) ... BUT ... be sure that as long as you are using Lubuntu/LXLE, you can go further than what you think. In fact, let me put that correctly. As long as you are using a system 'based on UBUNTU', you can go further than what you really think :D

So please, don't waste your time to think "Hey, I use Xubuntu because ..." OR "well, Lubuntu doesn't have ... so ..." and stuff like that.
Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, etc ... ALL share the same core system and the same repositories, period. 

So, worry not :D

Thanks for reading! 

My first post

Hello and Welcome to my blog :)

You are here because you are just like me, interested in Lubuntu but do you love Lubuntu like I do? we will find that out ;)

I don't really know what shall I write on my first post here? I'm going to use this blog to help myself and help everyone else to understand more and more about Lubuntu. I'm going to talk about too many things. Once something will pop up in my mind, I'm going to write it down here. Of course, we are talking about Lubuntu here :P

I have found out that I'm spending so much time typing and writing over and over again exactly the same information to many Lubuntu Users. No question about it, it's a waste of time and I have decided to save my time so I can contribute more to Lubuntu and give more. Having that said, from now and on, I'm going to write what I want to talk about here on this blog and whenever needed, I will post a link instead of writing the same information all over again :D

So, I hope you do enjoy and I hope you will find what you are looking for :)

By the way, I have linked some important pages that IMHO, everyone who is using Lubuntu must bookmark it. You can find these pages on the tabs like: Lubuntu Wiki, LOST, etc.