Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dear Microsoft :)

From Microsoft

Dear User,

The whole point is: 

"If your current PC meets the system requirements for Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can buy Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8 Pro from a local retailer or Microsoft Certified Partner. If your PC does not meet system requirements, consider purchasing a new business PC with Windows 8 Pro."

More information? please click this link:

My Reply is:
Dear Microsoft,

Thank you indeed for one of the best systems that you managed to have for years, that is Windows XP. Your best creation is about to reach to the End Of Life soon. This is really bad only for XP Users while it is really good for you because as you dear Microsoft has explained clearly in the above statement, you are going to earn more money.

However, I'm afraid to tell you something you may forgot by mistake :)

First thing first, you need to be HONEST with your loyal and faithful users who have been using XP for more than 10 years now. I'm so disappointed as a former XP user that you didn't tell us about other options. YES, there is another option but you are too greedy to admit it and too bad for not saying it.

Second of all, thanks to the internet, there are lots of links which if some of your users will do a simple search, they will find other alternatives. Hello? this is 2013 ;)

Third of all, may I be so honest and direct with you? 
I'm pleased to inform you that you may be able to fool some of XP Users and make them either pay for Windows 7 or Windows 8 if their machines can handle that OR as you stated, buy a new machine BUT you can't really fool them ALL.

Forth of all, I will be extra honest and tell you this in the face.
I'm one of those who will go public and reach to some of those XP Users and offer them a new system, made in 2013 that is way faster, safer, stable, rock solid, great, amazing, etc .. System which will breath new life into these machines and OH, I must say this ... GUESS WHAT? IT IS FREE, my dear Microsoft. YES, free. They need to pay NOTHING to get that.

Thank you so much dear Microsoft for reading :)

Your former faithful XP User who you tried to fool back in the days but you failed, Ali Linx (AKA amjjawad

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Thanks a lot for reading :)

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