Thursday, April 04, 2013

Testing Lubuntu 13.04 - Report 1

This is the testing feedback/notes for Lubuntu 13.04 (raring-desktop-i386)

Test Machine:
Laptop - ASUS F3F, Intel Due Core, 1.86GHz and 488MB RAM
Installation done from Multi-ISO-Booting USB created using "MultiBootUSB".

I will include Screenshots because I believe a picture speaks louder than 1000 words :)

1- Before installation:

2- When installation started:

3- After Installation is done:

Okay, as you can see above, the amount of RAM which has been used. This is just to prove that using the Desktop ISO from LiveUSB doesn't really need big RAM :)

Now, that was the good news.
The BAD news :(

So, I need to contact the QA Team to understand why I'm having this?

Will update this post later ...

Thank you!

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  1. Love Kubuntu. Look simple but pretty good.
    Wait Elementary OS so long and I think to release a stable version is does not immediately but I have other alternative.