Friday, January 03, 2014

Goodbye Windows XP, Hello Linux


As per Microsoft, Windows XP will soon (3 months from now) die and will NO longer be supported. What does that mean?
Please read this.

Now, Microsoft, because as you may know cares about money and nothing but money, have NOT and will NEVER tell their loyal and faithful Windows XP Users about 'other' alternatives they may use. Why? because they do NOT wish to lose any user who is still paying and can be fooled by their words, etc.

I sent to Microsoft an indirect message:

"Give me 1 good reason why to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 7 or 8 OR buy new hardware & I give you 10 reasons why to StartUbuntu"

Indeed, I can give you easily 10 reasons why to switch and start using Linux:

  1. Super Fast (starting up in less than 60 seconds and shut down in less than 15 seconds).
  2. Super Secure (no more worries about hackers).
  3. Virus-Free (you don't need to use any kind of Anti-Virus Programs whatsoever).
  4. Super Stable (No formatting every month and no need to clean any files, etc).
  5. Very easy system (used by 4 years old kids up to +60 years old people).
  6. Gives you so many options and alternatives when it comes to the Graphical Interface. Does not force you to use the same interface (Windows 8 for example, as per the users, is very complicated and hard to use).
  7. Linux is Free Open Source Operating System. No serial numbers, no cracks, nothing.
  8. There are so many people who would love to help and support in case you have any kind of problem and all that for FREE. You don't have to pay to get any kind of support whatsoever.
  9. Almost for each Windows Application/Program, there are more than one alternative for that in Linux and you don't have to visit any website to install anything, there is a tool installed by default that makes your life easier.
  10. You do not need to buy new hardware to run Linux. It can be installed even on +10 years old machines. So, it is not just free but will definitely save your money.
And, there are more reasons :)
  • For example: Windows Updates most of the time break the system or make things worse and you can't shut down your machine unless the updates finishes, etc not to mention the time these updates take to be downloaded and installed. But, when it comes to Linux, all that will be done in a blink of an eye :)
  • Installing Linux will take between 5mins-30mins depending on the hardware you are using and it comes with pre-installed programs that in most cases you don't really need to add anything else unless you have a very specific applications/program :)
  • You can actually 'Try' Linux 'before' installing it on your hardware ;) you don't really have to actually install it to test it.
  • Linux is actually being used to SAVE or Rescue your files (backup) when your Windows is broken or not working or your machine is locked due to some viruses, etc.
 Is that enough? or shall I carry on?
I gave you 10+4 reasons why to use Linux instead of
  1. Upgrading to Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  2. Buying New Machine while your current one can still do wonders.
So, my request is simple:
If you still have Windows XP on one of your machines OR you know someone who is still using Windows XP, please do send them 'this' article or post. They need to understand that the era of being fooled or lied to by Microsoft is over.
Oh, by the way, have you ever wondered why Google Android is #1 selling system for Smart Phones? Guess what? the core of Android System is Linux :)
Please, spread the word and save your money + your time + stay away from headache.
Thank you!


  1. I completely agree with your sentiment and most of your points. I am a former Windows-holic who uses Linux on most of their machines now, happily. I would nitpick 2 points, though...

    1. I don't think (desktop) Linux is intrinsically more secure than Windows, just less of a target. If anything, Microsoft has been forced to continuously harden Windows.

    2. I have mostly had good experience with Windows Update, though on XP it is *super* slow compared to running package updates on Debian or Fedora based systems. When WU hasn't worked right, though, it has been *very* frustrating.


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  2. Although I too agree with all your points above (I'm a Linux user by now), unfortunately I still need to use Windows because of my work and my university and my PC is not strong enough to run a virtual Windows, which is I desire just in case

    But even if I have to use Windows, as long as I can use linux as well I'll be happy enough (Y)

  3. Why "used by 4 years old kids up to +60 years old people"? I installed Linux, Lubuntu precisely as she had a very old P4 which couldn't bare XP anymore, to an 80+ y/o lady two years ago, and she is happily using the same old computer to do her mails and bank and everythig she needs - fast. So, why 60+? For as long as you need a computer, go for Linux.

  4. I would add two more WINE runs XP programs sometimes even better than XP, so you can continue using your software safely now under wine.

    And with XFCE + Kwin you can use Dekorator and a XP theme so even you can give your desktop almost the same aspect than your actual XP one.

  5. i'm a web developer and designer...and i love linux for my job, but as long as adobe don't release software like Photoshop or Flash for linux i still have to use Windows... if you want to save your money forget about a Mac (wich is unix based by the way), Windows is the option for PS designer.

  6. I would correct the "no ant-virus software" assertion.

    Because of the privilege separation in Linux, it is much more difficult for malicious code to be run, or to damage files outside of the user's home directory. It can still happen, and having anything execute without one's knowledge is a bad thing.

    It is still a very good idea to have virus-scan software, if for no other reason than not passing on a virus to a Microsoft-using friend.

  7. Also you can get more install media if you like and don't have to worry if you lose the disk or product key as you can burn another.

  8. I agree in all your points, but, there are many reasons to not install linux in a machine:

    1) The gamers can't play their games in linux. If this situation change, linux would be the new revolution in informatic and life
    2) There are many people, and I venture to say that is aprox. 80%, who do not know how a computer system work, and, for ubuntu, the easier distro to use it in linux, you may know, in some cases more than a simple next, like everything in windows.
    3) There is a lot of different software that you can't run in linux, like autocad, rhinoceros, finale. If they run, you will find that they have problems running in linux. This are some examples (using wine of course).

    So, very nice to read your 10 reasons, but there is other reasons to not install it, unless, you have the time and a good disposition to learn.


    pd: (sorry about my english, I'm learning)

  9. @panterozo, greetings friend!
    1) Gaming is going to be huge on Linux, via Steam. All the titles aren't there yet, but they are making awesome advances, and games are even being developed specifically for Linux now. Personally, I don't really care about the gaming aspect, but for those who do...
    2) There is a misconception that Linux is difficult to use. It really isn't, though some folks may thinks so because it is so much different than what they are used to. To me, Linux is simply a DIFFERENT way of doing things, and often I actually find it easier to accomplish some tasks in a Linux desktop.
    3) There are usually open-source alternatives to software that only runs on other OS's. Very often the alternatives function at a >/= level. Sometimes not.
    I don't know that there is really any competition. Free maybe isn't ALWAYS the better option, in which case, maybe you hire a coder to write the software you need, if you are committed to open-source. Or maybe you just allow yourself to be bullied by M$. The best thing about it, is CHOICE. Linux gives your the freedom to actually choose how you compute.
    And, don't worry too much about the got your point across just fine.

  10. I don't agree on your 11th point. In both systems the time for downloading updates depends on size of updates.

  11. Sorry, but Linux is useless for people that play games or do professional stuff.

  12. Microsoft has already announced the end of support for Windows XP from 8th April 2014. Many organizations across the world are still using windows xp. It is not going to be easy for organizations to Upgrade or migrate to another OS. As on the large scale it is headache to handle user queries. Shared Hosted Desktop VDI from Propalms is the best solution to this.

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