Friday, January 03, 2014

apt-get purge 2013 -y && apt-get install 2014

Hello everyone,

I was over excited that I started my first post in 2014 on this blog with something else rather than greeting the readers or write an introductory post for the new year hehe.

Well, I have posted this on some Social Media Sites for Ubuntu GNONE, Lubuntu, StartUbuntu and my pages:

apt-get purge 2013 -y && apt-get install 2014

I wish it is as easy and simple as this :D

So, here is my 7 wishes for 2014
Here is my Real Life Plan for 2014

Soon, I will post here my Linux Roadmap/Plan for this year :)

Wish you all the best!

 More Artwork can be found here :)

Oh, and I shall start this year with this 'new' saying :D

"I Fail When I Give Up. I Give Up When I Lose Hope. I Lose Hope When I die. As Long As I am Alive, There is Hope. As Long As There is Hope, I Shall Never Give Up. As Long As I Shall Never Give Up, I Shall Never Fail" - Me

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