Friday, February 14, 2014

It is Just One Word!


I have always wanted to write/talk about this and I am glad that I finally got the chance to write about it :)

For the last 4 years with many FOSS (Free Open Source Software) Communities/Projects, I have noticed a very weird ... not sure what can I call it? a behaviour maybe?
While so many people involved with FOSS Communities and Projects are sending so many emails per day and sometimes, very long emails ... or posting on threads (forums) or write on any public site that is visible by anyone with an Internet Connection; they do tend to start their writing WITHOUT Just One Word that will never take more than 1 second maximum from their time :) 
And, the reason I called it 'weird' because they do 'write' so many words and send so long messages, yet they failed/refused/forgot/ignored/didn't care/I don't really know to write Just One Word? seriously? :)
I mean, really, what could a one word like:


actually do?
It will never ever waste their time (while again, they do write a lot of words except "Hi" or "Hello") and the impact that will do is really amazing :)

You may laugh. You may think I'm crazy. You may think I'm wasting my time over a trivial/silly thing. Well, do say and think as you wish, I don't mind :) do disagree but don't disrespect. And, to me, I find it VERY important to start any email or any written communications with:


This will never harm anyone nor kill anyone nor waste time for anyone. On the other hand, it could draw a smile on the reader's face. It is a very kind and nice way to start a written communication.

Why FOSS Communities/Projects are lacking of just one word?

I really fail to understand why :)

Yes, if there are a chain of emails/posts/whatever, then of course there is no need to keep writing "Hi" or "Hello" - even though it is nice thing to do and I've seen people on Ubuntu Forums who always start their posts with either "Hi" or "Hello" but they're very few. But it made me always wonder what is the real reason to always skip writing that on the beginning of a written communication?

Well, not sure there is an answer for that Question :)

For me, I will always use it and hope others will start using it.

To be honest, every time and I really mean every time I see an email/post/any written communication that does not start with "Hi" or "Hello", I feel bad and don't wish to read. And, exactly the opposite happen when I see an email/post/any written communication that starts with "Hi" or "Hello" :) it makes me feel good and make me carry on and read that with passion.

Just a thought I had for a long time that I want to write about it publicly and who knows? maybe one of those who don't like to start their writings with 'just one word', might have an answer for my question ;)

Thank you for reading :)

If you agree, please Share!
Spread the 'nice' attitude of writing Hello or Hi :D

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